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GQ Men Of The Year Live + Best Stuff Pop-Up

Create a contemporary stage build and pop-up product shop for GQ’s first-ever live experience for their Men of the Year issue.

  • Strategy

    Experiential Activations, Branded Pop-Up Environments

  • Client



Create a contemporary stage build and pop-up product shop for GQ’s first-ever live experience for their Men of the Year issue.

Key Features

  • Creative & agency coordination
  • CNC cut build displays for over 750 unique pieces
  • Build transportation & installation


For a memorable two-day experience at NeueHouse Hollywood, GQ needed an on-brand stage presence to backdrop live interviews with Jonah Hill, Ryan Murphy, and Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig—plus a specially curated store stocked with limited-edition merch.

We transformed creative designs into workable build drawings with materials proposals that considered the most cost effective and time efficient approach. Using 3D models and detailed skeleton frames to map out each element, we delivered the stage and shop structures to accommodate angles for onsite cladding and plywood fascia. 

Awards & Honors

We craft award winning projects.

Treehouse Fabrication & Scenic is a seasoned team of craftsmen and craftswomen who transform impressive visions into tangible realities, delivering custom-fabricated environments for both brands and agencies.

We know that the most memorable consumer journeys start with a strong foundation.

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The team

Meet the team.

Treehouse employs an extensive network of specialists, including skilled metal workers, painters, CNC operators, and builders.

  • Moray Smith

    Moray serves as the president of Treehouse Fabrication & Scenic. Get in touch to plan your next project today.

  • Devin Ricketson
    Director of Fabrication

    Devin translates your vision to a physical design and buildout that delivers a superior brand experience while ensuring that your production, performance, and quality standards are met.

  • Julia Wilson
    Technical Designer

    Julia is responsible for creating and maintaining the visual identity of your projects. She works closely with our clients and our team to visualize and inform the design process every step of the way. She loves to create moments of curiosity and wonder through her designs.

  • Julia - Treehouse Fabrication & Scenic Team Member
  • Sergio Gonzalez
    Shop Foreman

    Sergio oversees the construction process and ensures your projects are consistently built with the attention to detail and craftsmanship we pride ourselves on.

  • Kevin Nguyen
    Technical Designer

    One of the many creative forces at Treehouse Fabrication. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for 3D design, Kevin brings imaginative concepts to life, crafting captivating physical experiences through the fusion of innovation and material science.

  • Kevin - Treehouse Fabrication & Scenic Team Member
  • Jesse Figueroa
    Project Manager

    Jesse finds joy in helping actualize your creative vision and bring it to life. She collaborates closely with each member of the Treehouse team, ensuring the details are just right, and we build something unforgettable.

  • Jesse - Treehouse Fabrication & Scenic Team Member

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